The Seat Leasing Includes:

Seats in a row of 8 to 10 in a contemporary designed open office environment

Prestigious address - 101 Convention Center Drive - in the only office high rise building near the Strip

Computer with Internet access equipped for phone work

Wired headset with noise-cancelling microphone (wireless headsets available at discounted cost)

Meeting rooms & conference room use

High-speed Internet / WiFi from redundant fiber Internet suppliers

Phone VoIP automated dialer with unlimited minutes

Your own inbound phone number with your own PBX switchboard menu

Unlimited business leads with phone numbers

IT support during work hours

Complimentary coffee and donuts

Why lease here?

Fantastic 360 degree view of the Las Vegas Strip and the golf course of the Wynn

Available in-office branding with photo opportunities

Impromptu unabridged access to professionals from nearly all areas of business, including sales, management, trainers, customer service, collections, operations, accounting, HR, recruiting, online marketing, design, development, etc.

Mastermind group sessions organized regularly

Free beer and the opportunity to network and socialize out of work with all of them every Thursday at The Barrymore - bar and restaurant listed in the Las Vegas Top 10

Direct Outsourcing Opportunities


Direct access to office space in the Philippines via 411 Local’ office floor. 24 hour operations possible. Outsource opportunity for established business processes - both voice and non-voice at ¼ the cost of US based agents. Access to tenured managers, trainers - both American and local - to develop, and bring up teams of agents to success.

Eastern Europe

Direct access to office space of 411 Locals in Eastern Europe. Outsource opportunity to outsource design, development, database, networking, online and offline IT processes at ¼ of the cost of US based technicians in the best place in Europe for outsourcing. Access to tenured online managers, and technicians with experience working for 411 Locals for years.

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Beta Tests and Incubation Opportunity

Make the most out of your idea for business without the initial investment. Try it out first here in Vegas, then outsource it to the Philippines or Eastern Europe for a fraction of the US cost.

Meet other people

Collaborate to find the missing part / solution

Like-minded people well versed in entrepreneurship are always willing to help

The best ideas with proof of concept may win financing from investors standing by