Importance of Local Search Factors
for Your Business

Local search factors play a crucial role in the visibility and success of your business online. With the growing importance of local search results, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your business is optimized for local searches on search engines like Google.
If you want to succeed online, these are some of the most significant things to keep in mind:

Google Business Profile

A Google Verified Business page is necessary for any business looking to improve its online presence. Ensuring your business has the correct main category, keywords in the business title, and a complete listing with all details can significantly improve your chances of being discovered by potential customers.

Address and Proximity

Having an actual physical address in the city of search and being close to both the centroid and the point of search can greatly affect your local search rankings. Placing the map pin correctly and fighting spam listings are essential.

and Ratings

High-ranking Google ratings and many native Google reviews with text and images can help your business stand out. Continuously adding new reviews, responding to them regularly, and ensuring they are fresh can positively impact your local search rankings.

Website Optimization

Your website should be mobile-friendly, responsive, and have proper internal linking. Additionally, it should have separate pages for each service, be SSL certified, and have a fast loading time. Topical keyword relevance and consistent use of keywords in titles, headings, and meta descriptions can also help improve your local search rankings.

Mobile-friendly & responsive
Fast loading time
Consistent use of keywords

Inbound Links and Citations

A good quantity of inbound links from locally-relevant and industry-relevant domains and regular and consistent citations on major search engines like Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Apple Maps can improve your online visibility. The quality and authority of these inbound links also matter, so build relationships with expert sources.



Clicks from search results, the number of messages through Google My Business messaging, and the number of bookings through the Google Business Profile booking feature are all important factors for local search. Encourage customers to engage with your business on Google and other platforms.

Continuous Improvement

Regularly update your Google Business Profile, add new content to your website, and maintain a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across all your online listings. This will help your business stay relevant and visible in local search results.

The 125+ Local Search Ranking Factors to Get You on Page One

Only on 10%
of the factors
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The 411 Locals Difference

Regarding local search rankings, we don’t leave anything to chance. In fact, we work very hard on over 125 factors that contribute to your online visibility. You might be surprised at the level of detail and expertise involved in our process. You may have heard of some factors, while others may be completely new to you. While we take care of the factors highlighted in white, you could help us with the ones highlighted in blue. But trust us, each one is crucial in its own way.

Factors Rank
A Google Verified Google Business page 1
Main Google Business Page Listing Category 2
Main Keywords in the business title of the Google Business Profile Listing 3
Actual Physical Address in City of Search 4
Closeness of the Google Business Page Listing Address to Centroid 5
Closeness of the business Address to the Point of Search 6
Is the GBP Listing complete with all details 7
Major Keywords in title of the GBP Landing Page 8
High Ranking Google Ratings, the more the 5 Stars the better 9
Total number of Native Google Reviews complete with text and Images 10
Continous additions of new Google Reviews each week 11
Continous and regular response to each of the Google review 12
Placement of the Map Pin correctly 13
Deletion of spam listings through spam fighting 14
Freshness of the Google reviews 15
Supplementory listing Categories Google Business profile 16
Seperate Page for Each Service 17
How old is the Google Business Profile 18
Proper Internal Linking of all the web pagesin the Website 19
Good quantity of Inbound Links to Domain from Locally- industrty relevant Domains 20
Keywords in Native Google Reviews 21
Number of Inbound Links to GBP Landing Page URL from Locally-Relevant Domains 22
Regular and consistent Citations on major Search Engines (Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps) 23
Internal Links TO GBP Landing Page from Other Pages of Website 24
Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Domain 25
The Authority of Inbound Links to GBP Landing Page URL 26
Quantity of Inbound Links to Landing Page URL from Industry-Relevant Domains 27
The presence of positive sentiment in the text of a Google review 28
Keywords in Anchor Text of Inbound Links to GBP Landing Page URL 29
Total searches for the Business Name 30
Topical keyword relevance on the website 31
Number of Messages Through Google My Business Messaging 32
Presensce of good Quality and substantial Content on Service Pages 33
Number of Native Google Ratings without text 34
The variety of inbound links to a domain 35
The extent to which a website is focused on a particular niche. 36
Keywords in Anchor Text of Inbound Links to Domain 37
Number of Positive Google Review Attributes 38
How many photos are there on the Google Business Page 39
Mobile-friendly/Responsive Website 40
The business title appearing in the anchor text of inbound links to the URL of a Google Business Profile landing page. 41
Correct categorization associations on aggregator and Tier 1 citation sources. 42
Number of Citations from Locally-Relevant Domains 43
Number of Bookings Through GBP Booking Feature 44
Authority of Third-Party Sites on Which Reviews are Present 45
The variety of incoming links to the URL of a Google Business Profile landing page. 46
The number of engagement signals on a Google Business Profile, such as scrolling through the listing, clicking on photos, reading reviews, reading Q&A, clicking on posts, and so on 47
Click-Through Rate from Search Results (General) 48
Involvement in Google's paid products such as AdWords, AdWords Express, Hotel Finder, or other similar offerings. 49
Significant presence on crucial industry-relevant domains. 50
Consistent use of Keywords in Titles in the website 51
GBP Landing Page Loadtime 52
The amount of high-quality content on the entire website. 53
Business Clicks on Driving Directions 54
The uniformity of citations on important sites such as Yellowpages, Yelp, D&B, and CityGrid. 55
Call Business Clicks 56
Keywords in Headings (H1, H2, etc) Across Entire Website 57
SSL secuirty certification on the website 58
Number of Inbound Links to Domain 59
The uniformity of mentions on data aggregators such as Infogroup, Localeze, Foursquare/Factual. 60
The variety of anchor text used in inbound links to the URL of a Google Business Profile landing page. 61
Number of references from industry-relevant domains 62
Number of Services Performed visible Google Reviews 63
Quantity of Inbound Links to GBP Landing Page URL 64
High numerical ratings from influential reviewers, such as Yelp Elite or Google Local Guide 65
The variety of anchor text used in inbound links to a domain. 66
Quality/Authority of refernces from Newspaper Articles, Blog Posts, Gov Sites, Industry Associations 67
Use of Main Keywords in GBP Landing Page URL 68
The amount of content present on a Google Business Profile landing page. 69
Domain Authority of Website 70
The appearance of website mentions as justifications in local search results. 71
Use of Keywords in Domain Name 72
Number of references from relevant Newspaper Articles, Blog Posts 73
Number of Reviews on Industry-Specific Sites 74
Loadtime of all the apges of the website 75
Authority of GBP Landing Page URL 76
Number of relevant photos on GBP 77
Continous Impovements and Completeness of references 78
The accurate setting of business hours on a Google Business Profile 79
The variety of third-party sites on which reviews are available. 80
Number of Third-Party Traditional Reviews (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellowpages, etc) 81
Continous additions of Links oevr regualr intervals of time 82
Number of Third-Party Reviews e.g. blogs, newspapers, magazines 83
Number of Structured refernces for example on IYPs, Data Aggregators 84
Presence of Business on Expert Curated Best of and Similar Lists 85
The number of photos with Google Vision-AI labels that match relevant keywords. 86
High Numerical Third-Party Ratings (e.g. 4-5) 87
Use of Keywords in URLs in the website 88
The appearance of "Provides" justifications in local search results. 89
Quantity of Reviews by Authority Reviewers (e.g. Yelp Elite, Google Local Guides, etc) 90
NAP in Schema/JSON-LD on GBP Landing Page URL 91
Presence of Local Area Code on GBP 92
Use of Main Keywords in Third-Party Reviews 93
Keywords in Text Surrounding Links to GBP Landing Page 94
Regular references on Other Citation Sources 95
Consistency of fresh content over regular time intervals 96
Number of Inbound Links to the Domain from Industry-Relevant Domains 97
Keywords present in the text surrounding links to a domain. 98
Length of Dwell Time on GBP 99
Use of Main Keywords in GBP Services 100
Mentions of location-specific entities on a Google Business Profile landing page 101
The existence of outbound links to authoritative sites that are topically relevant. 102
A Google Map integrated into the landing page of a Google Business Profile to display the location. 103
Consistent use of Keywords in Image ALT attributes in the website 104
BBB Accredition available 105
Use of Keywords in GBP Landing Page Meta Description 106
Use of Keywords in GBP Products 107
Number of Bookings Through Google Booking Partners 108
Is there an XML Sitemap 109
Aligning the domain of the Google account with the domain of the landing page for Google Business Profile 110
Keywords in Image Filenames on GBP Landing Page 111
Setting correct Service Areas in GBP 112
Internal Links FROM GBP Landing Page to Other Pages of Website 113
Use of Keywords in Meta Descriptions in the website 114
How often Google posts have been posted. 115
Availaibility of Appointment URL 116
Use of Keywords in Google Posts 117
Number of Videos on GBP 118
Total number of Google Posts added 119
The booking feature for GBP has been activated 120
Geo-tagged Photos on GBP 121
How many transactions have been identified through credit card partnerships 122
GBP Messaging Feature is Enabled 123
Use of Keywords in Google Q&A 124
Keywords in Owner Responses to Reviews 125
Keywords in GBP Description 126
Number of Questions Asked in Google Q&A 127
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