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But don’t take our word for it. See what we’ve done for other businesses all over the United States.

Case 1:

My Top Movers is an amazing moving company in Tennessee, serving Franklin and Green Hill for local and long distance moves. If you’ve ever had the experience of moving (who hasn’t?) you know what a hassle it can be, how time consuming, how incredibly inconvenient. Well Melissa Rogers had been offering the most convenient 24/7 365-day-a-year moving service for quite some time (founded in 1996), but not enough people were finding out about it. She tried another Ad Agency first, “We wanted to be on the map. Our previous advertiser couldn’t get it done and when we finally did start seeing some results they were never stable.” Business was slow and she was almost ready to close her doors. Finally she took a leap of faith, trusting in our high rating with the BBB and stories from countless businesses we’ve helped, and dialed 411 Locals at 1-866-391-0622. “Within two weeks I saw results!” – We’d like to make a small caveat, some customers do see results this quick, but our guarantee is for 3 months and this is because every industry and every area is different. But as you can see, for My Top Movers we managed it in two weeks. Sweet huh? According to Melissa business drastically increased, a 100% turnaround. “We have found the map listing and the excellent customer service to be the most helpful for our business. You’ve helped us so much. We will never, ever try anyone else for advertising.”

My Top Movers offers her customers the lowest competitive prices along with a team that can handle every job with the utmost care and concern. We do something like that for Melissa because, for all her hard work, she deserves it. If you offer a great service or a great product, we bet we can do the same thing for you. Why not give us a call and find out?

Case 2:

Magic Data Recovery is… well they’re magic. They can recover data from just about anything, and that is vitally important for businesses and individuals. If you’ve ever felt the terror, the horror, the deep blackness that comes with a sudden and unexpected complete loss of data then you know just how magical this kind of service really is. And Mike Joyer, owner of Magic Data Recovery, and his team are wizards in this area, specializing in data recovery and forensics recovery for hard drives, laptops, Android, iPhones, disks, Flash memory, digital cameras… well just check out their site and see all the cool stuff they can do.

Despite being the most magical kids on the block in Los Angeles, CA they were having a hard time getting customers, in fact according to Mike they had, “No business.” Luckily they called 411 Locals at 1-866-391-0622 and we started working our magic. “Nick and Kony kept me fed and helped me at a time when I felt my business was going to shut down. Nick (411 Locals) provided me with proven results.” We were happy to help. According to Mike, our SEO service has been the most helpful for his business, and within 4-5 months his business had increased by 50%. Could you use 50% more customers? If so give us a call and see what kind of magic we can do for you.

Case 3:

Weaveologist Melessa Denee is a hair salon in New Castle, Delaware, and from their inviting storefront they specialize in all of the expected salon services, and particularly in professional movie-star-quality weaves. Their customers run the gamut, from those who want something glamorous and new to the balding and even cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy—men and women alike. Rewind. Melessa Brown was a hair stylist when she had an important piece of insight; weaves were becoming more and more popular among all types of customers, and since she happened to have a particular talent for weaves… why not? She decided to start this business with that as a focus right in time for weaves to start to go main stream. Despite excellent timing and a great service though, prior to signing up with 411 Locals business had been “below average,” according to Melessa.

It’s a problem we at 411 Locals hear far too often, great businesses that just can’t turn the corner. By far, Melessa offers the most stunning results to her customers whether they come in for weaves, a haircut, or any other service, but according to Melessa, they just weren’t getting the word out to enough of their potential customers. People just don’t suggest businesses by word of mouth anymore no matter how great the business is. It’s all online. She took matters into her own hands when she saw the opportunity, and signed up with 411 Locals. Quickly our team was able to get her very best results for key terms real paying customers were using, and our design team made sure that those amazing customer reviews were seen by anyone looking for a weave or a salon in New Castle. That is a very powerful sales tool. According to Melessa, she saw results within two months, and sales have increased by 50%. We think that’s great. She offers the best weave and salon service in New Castle, obviously customers who want those services should be able to find her site, and we are very happy we could help in that regard.

We are confident we can help your business as well, so why not give us a call?

Case 4:

Twins Movers, in Washington D.C., has been the most reliable, friendly, and professional moving company in the area for a decade and a half now, that’s a lot to be proud of. Isaac Levy, owner of Twins Movers, was doing pretty well even before contacting 411 Locals several years ago, but with online marketing becoming more and more important every single year, they made the right move. According to Isaac they needed help, “Getting customers to the website so they could see the quality of work we do,” because customers today want to see what they are getting and online is the most convenient way to do that. Twins Movers really does do very high quality work, heads and shoulders above competitors, you see, but how do you get that message to customers? They knew that simply having a site was not enough, they had to be found by potential customers first, and right on the first page.

According to Isaac, within only 2 months they began seeing great results and an increase in business thanks to the efforts of our professional marketing team. Today they are one of our oldest customers, seeing an average of 3% increase in business each year, a 25% increase at its peak, and they are now listed on the first page for 20 of the key terms customers are looking for.

Imagine that! A popular industry like the moving industry, a highly populated city like Washington D.C. and our team has been able to put them on the first page for 20 of the key terms that sell! Like we tell all of our customers, we never stop working on optimization and the longer you’re with us the more money you are going to make.

Case 5:

Founded in 1964, Appliance Doctor in NJ has had a good thing going for a really long time. They offer excellent service, their repair people know what they are doing and don’t waste your time. They come to you to fix your appliances and they fix it fast the right way the first time. Their prices are more than fair to start with but they offer an additional great service that sets them apart even more; no matter how far they need to travel to fix your appliance, they charge the same amount. That means residents in New Jersey don’t need to settle for second-rate repairs, or worse, buy a whole new appliance, just because they are not next door neighbors with a decent appliance repair person.

With a reputation like that, what could the problem be? Paul Guckin, like most small businesses that have been around for a long time, used phonebook advertising for 40 years, and it worked great for most of that time, but of course today not many people are using the phonebook, it’s all online. Paul knew he had to get his business online but was not quite sure how. He took a chance after speaking with one of our representatives here at 411 Locals and we took over, getting him the very best results of Google searches for popular key terms related to his business, building him an optimized website from the ground up, and providing our full suite of additional online marketing services. NJ is a huge market, and there are a lot of repair businesses, so as we tell all our large city customers, optimization is going to take a bit more time than our 3 month guarantee we offer businesses in smaller markets.

It was worth the wait. After a year Appliance Doctor NJ started to see huge benefit directly related to our services, and today he has seen a “30% to 40% increase in sales.”

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