When you’re on the go or too busy, it can be hard to answer calls, especially if you don’t have a receptionist. Our 411 Connect ensures you’ll never miss potential customers again!

By having 411 Locals’ 411 Connect, you get to

Save ~$27,000/year on salary or as much as 60% of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist

Allot more time to your work without distractions from nuisance and spam calls

Verify or filter out incoming calls to prevent unwanted or telemarketing calls

Establish your venture as a reputable and reliable business in the industry

One 411 Connect Dedicated Number = Numerous Benefits

Fast &
Easy Setup
99.56% of Calls
Answered in 3 seconds
Free Upgrade to Premium

Providing you with a dedicated phone number Through this number, you will receive calls only from people interested in your business and services.

Ensuring calls are answered wherever you are Your dedicated call protection team will answer all incoming calls when you’re busy or on vacation.

Securing more opportunities for your business No more missed calls from potential customers. Increase your sales by engaging every verified lead you get.

Blocking telemarketing and unwanted calls We’ll screen all incoming calls and send you only paying customers to prevent telemarketers from wasting your time.