First page on Google

Hi, you might be wondering right now, “Why does my business need to be on the first page of Google Business Listings? Don’t I want to be on the first page of plain old Google?” It’s a question we hear a lot because a lot of customers aren’t sure what the difference is. We’ll show you with an example from one of our current customers, right here:


Those businesses with the letters next to them and a place on the map? That is a business listing, and for a local business like yours, that is the best place to be because that is what paying customers see when they type something like “General Contractor” in Jamaica, NY–just outside of New York City.

We can do that for your business too. You’ll be on the very first page for the popular services with the name of your company, website, address, phone number, even reviews and a mark on the map in the right hand corner up there. This customer has been with us for years, and you see that they’ve made it to the top of an organic search as well, which is great. We concentrate on the business listing because that is where the money is for businesses like yours, but these are the kinds of results customers that have been with us for years see over time.

Can I do this myself?
Good question, we’re glad you asked and the simple answer is… kind of? You see in your area there are a TON of other businesses like yours who also want to be on the first page. What we do is called optimization, and we do it for your local market so you are seen by your local customers. This has meant a lot more money in the bank for 30,000+ of our customers and counting. So yes, you can get listed with Google on their business listing all by yourself, and chances are your business will be all by itself too because your competitors will be the ones who show up on the first page.