5/5 Stars

Thank you so much for being my champion on this. You & Ray have really changed my perspective of 411Locals. I can recommend 411Locals with confidence to my clients when I am preparing business plans & marketing strategies. The Computer Hut is really grateful for your commitment to our vision. I will be sure to give you, Ray & 411Locals a stellar review!

The Computer Hut

5/5 Stars

We would like to inform you of what we have been doing over the past weekend. We had an important meeting where we met with some important potential clients and they liked the work we have been doing. We are pleased with the work you have done so far, the professionalism you have demonstrated with your crew has been fantastic it shows that you know what you are doing out there. I’m sure we will be sending you more work in the future.


5/5 Stars

To Whom It May Concern:

I received an text telling me that my account was past due. When 411locals computer system was upgraded, for security reasons my credit card information was not transferred to the new system.
Florence explained this to me. I’m getting ahead of my self.
In response to the text telling me of the past due, I called and spoke to Rafi. Rafi could not help, and providing good customer service asked then transferred me to Florence who was able to help.

I wish to add that I called during the past two weeks for help with my website, and keywords and a new staff person who helped me was patient and helpful. I love my business, but sometimes marketing is not so much fun for me. You make it easy.

Thank You!

Paul Velen, MS, LMFT

5/5 Stars

Dear Selia Harper:

We here at Joe’s Transmission & AC Center are well aware of how difficult Kalen’s job must be given the volume of complex problems he must encounter on a daily basis. In saying this, let me continue by stating given a complex problem he exudes a rare and enviable ability to calm customers and assure them has the ability to find a simple solution and put customers at ease. It is delightful to to talk to someone who not only is there for your company and your particular problem, but also wants to find a solution as much as you do.

We just wanted to take the time to let you know Kalen does exude this enthusiasm in his work and is a great contributor and asset to your team.

We also want to thank you at 411 Locals and thank Kalen for his patience and attention to detail when answering my questions and concerns. And most importantly his follow through in doing what he says he will do and updating me on the status.

Thank you again for all of your hard work.

Joe’s Transmission and AC Center, LLC

Joe’s Transmission and AC Center, LLC

5/5 Stars

I have been with 411 Locals for two years and my placement in Google+ and the listings on the internet have made my business grow.

We have checked our placements in the city we signed up in on 411 Locals and we are consistently at the top of our roofing keywords. We track our ads and Google is always mentioned as a source.

Frank Ch.

5/5 Stars

I am recommending 411 Locals to optimize your presence on the Internet. My website would be hidden and not visible if it was not being targeted to raise its position by 411 Locals. The service I get is great and my customers are all coming to the Internet to find roofing contractors. I am going to promote your services at our local meeting and I feel confident you will help everyone who calls. I got a realtor to join and got an incentive to do so but it was unexpected. I always tell people about this company. I used another company and dropped them because of high prices.

Pres. F.S. Roofing & Const. Inc.

5/5 Stars

It gives me great pleasure to recommend 411 Locals. The attention to details and the best possible level of customer service have been excellent. Our company has been in first place on Google and we have received a lot of calls from new prospect clients. I don’t think you could find a better service than 411 Locals.

Alejandro M.

Owner / Executive Director L. Green

5/5 Stars

411 Locals has helped my carpet cleaning business transform to a higher clientele base. After using other advertising companies I was not satisfied. I strongly recommend their services.

McGarrett B.

5/5 Stars

I cannot tell you how happy we are with 411 Locals service. Ever since we hired you to be our exclusive internet marketing firm, our sales have increased substantially. Everyone who wants to send flowers to the Upper East Side in Manhattan finds us and calls to order flowers from us. Even our friends and family cannot believe how visible our company is when they Google or City Search us. You have made our products available to the whole wide world!

Thank you so much for all you have done. I believe that internet commerce is the way of the future and we feel that our partnership with 411 Local is of utmost importance. Please feel free to use our name as a reference.

Many thanks once again

Carolina S Owner of S Blooms

5/5 Stars

To whom it may concern:
It is with great pleasure that I write on behalf of S. Blooms, my wife’s company and as the Director of the New York Center for Psychotherapy to express our appreciation for your superlative service in consistently placing our listings prominently on Google.

Over the past 10 years I engaged several other search engine placement companies: all were dramatically inferior to 411Locals. What is especially important to us is the remarkable capability and readiness of your staff to help us. When on the rare occasions that the New York Center for Psychotherapy is moved down on the list on Google, I call , and their customer service is always gracious and committed to helping us achieve our objectives. They have helped us even with problems not directly under their control. For example, sometimes Google displays the location of the New York Center on their maps 6 miles south of its actual location at Park Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan! They have gone out of her way repeatedly to enlist their technological personnel to contact Google and have the Center’s location moved to its proper location. Customer service has given us very special service that makes us feel very lucky indeed to have engaged 411locals.
All in all, we have profited considerably from our relationship with 411 Locals in that we have received many more calls than ever before for individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling as well as for the beautiful floral arrangements for which S. Blooms is celebrated.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. James D. S.

Director, New York Center for Psychotherapy

* All testimonials are from real customers. Some names and photos have been changed for privacy considerations.