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 If there is something people will always need, it’s food, water, and… cleaning. And when a business relies on having their conference room spotlessly clean for the day ahead, and the restrooms fresh and well-stocked to keep employees happy, they suddenly become more vigilant as to who they hire for their cleaning needs. This is where you and your cleaning business come in to steal the spotlight. We have just the right business advice to help you boost your cleaning leads. Below are some tactics you can follow!

Showcase Your Values

In a marketplace where cleaning companies are almost as many as the potential cleaning leads, standing out is key. Make sure you communicate your unique attributes. Are you dedicated to using sustainable products and green cleaning practices? Great, that is something that may resonate with may people and make them choose you over others because you share their values of sustainability. 

Remember, when cleaning offers are equal, clients will look beyond your quote and decide based on intangible factors. Your values are a big part of that. 

Tell Your Story

Much like with your values, your company story is the next ace up your sleeve. How your business came to be, what drove you to start your company, what were your struggles, how did you overcome them, where you stand today, what inspired you, tell it as it was. Your story is a powerful way to influence customers, and a great way to get ahead of the competition. 

Use Local SEO to Increase Your Leads

local seo

If SEO means nothing to you, don’t worry, you can quickly catch up. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is essentially the process of getting your website to appear high up in search results, be it on Google, Bing, or other search engines. You can learn the basics and benefits in this article

The main point, however, is that Google works to help location-based businesses increase their online reach within their service area, so you should take advantage of that. Your website will attract more visitors, and up-to-date information about your work and rates will make them stay, pick up the phone and call you. If it seems like too big of a challenge, there are companies that specialize in affordable SEO services for small businesses. 


Affordable SEO for Small Businesses Made Easy 

Get More Leads


Show Your Expertise

Aside from showing it through your work, it’s always wise to demonstrate how well you know your craft by dedicating a blog section of your website. This will help show how much you really know about the trade by regular blogs/articles related to the industry. Some topics you can include are:

  • What to look for in a residential or commercial cleaner
  • What are the benefits of using green cleaning products
  • Tips on how to save toilet paper at the office
  • The best time to book a deep cleaning service
  • The difference between standard and deep cleaning


You can take this a step further and reach out to local media (e.g., news sites) and negotiate a guest post. It could become a regular column in the future. And this is not only a great way to get in front of potential clients, but also solidify your credibility and professionalism in the eyes of those who already know your company. 

Partner With Other Small Businesses


Small business owners must cooperate if they are to stay competitive in a highly dense industry like cleaning. So, reach out to real estate companies in your area, they must have a wide network of potential leads. Offer them some discount in return for recommending your company, and there you have a mutually beneficial partnership.

It’s Not All Online

It is true that almost everyone is online these days, and most purchasing decisions are made through a phone or a computer. However, communities still rely on information they get offline, especially when it comes to businesses they are about to hire. Word of mouth and local reputation are important factors that make up a customer’s choice. Find out if there are networking groups you can join like your local chamber of commerce, attend and sponsor local events, and make sure people see your involvement in the community. It is a priceless investment both in your business image and in your community.

Are you still wondering how to market your cleaning business? If you use the advice from this blog, marketing your business shouldn’t be a mystery to you anymore. Give it a try and let us know how it turned out!

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