During the current COVID-19 crisis, small businesses keep closing one after the other. Some industries, such as accommodation, food service, and educational services, can’t handle the impact of COVID-19. Other businesses close down because they were at risk financially before the pandemic even began.

Electricians, on the other hand, have no problem doing their job, what they do have a problem with is that the number of leads they get has drastically sunk. And it is of no surprise, people are panicked, especially now when there are more than 20,000,000 infected people globally as of August 2020. In this situation, clients need to make sure that a company has taken all safety measures before they decide to call.

Both commercial and residential electricians must follow strict COVID-19 measures to keep themselves and their clients safe. That can be the difference between getting a good flow of leads and getting none at all. In this blog, we will explain what you should follow to get back up on your feet and continue the grind to success.

Guidance for Virus Prevention

When entering people’s homes, you must make sure not to threaten their health in any way. You can make that possible by following all the best practices addressed on the CDC website.

We encourage you to:

  • Practice handwashing daily
  • Follow the 6ft distance measure to keep yourself and others safe
  • Buy and wear certified masks that are proven to protect from COVID-19
  • Sneeze and cough only if you have covered your face
  • Sanitize your workplace and home daily (sanitizers must contain at least 60% alcohol to remove any trace of the virus)
  • Have a daily health check

Note that you must educate your employees to follow everything mentioned above. 

Guidance for Residential Electricians

Electricians must:

  • Sanitize the area they will be working on
  • Wash their hands upon entering the building or use a hand sanitizer
  • Stay 6ft away from occupants unless their work is essential for their safety
  • Make sure nobody in the household they will be working in is in self-isolation or is not feeling well
  • Spray their tools with sanitizer to make sure they are not carrying traces of the virus with them
  • Advise their clients to stay in another room until they finish the job
  • Disinfect the surfaces they’ve worked on after finishing the job

Guidance for Commercial Electricians

When it comes to building sites, the guidance for virus prevention is much more detailed.

As an employer, you should follow all the CDC guidelines for construction workers. And also, share it with your employees and highly advise them to go through it. 

We have summarized the main key points below:

  • Self-Isolation – If you are at risk and live with someone who is not feeling well or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, you must self isolate as well.
  • Social Distancing – Follow social distancing whenever possible. If it is not possible to minimize the distance between workers, then you should reduce the number of people assigned to a job.
  • Toilet Facilities – Only one person should be using toilet facilities at a time.
  • Rest Areas – Must be regularly cleaned, and workers should be encouraged to stay at a safe distance from each other.
  • Food and Refreshments Sharing – Must be strictly forbidden.
  • Daily Sanitizing – All instruments, machinery, ladders, and any touched surfaces must be sanitized with at least 60% alcohol to remove any trace of the virus.

Inform Your Customers

Your customers must be aware that you have taken action and set measures to protect them. Nowadays, businesses that have taken measures against COVID-19 have a higher chance of getting leads.

You must:

  • Update your website information with details about your COVID-19 response
  • Update your social accounts info
  • Post the measures on your social media accounts