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When most people think about landscaping, images of lush summer greenery come to their minds. For you, as a year-round landscaping business owner, however, things look a little different. If the climate allows, you can work on backyard and patio projects every month of the year, but when it doesn’t, you need to look for ways to combat the off-season drop in clients

This blog is for every landscaping business owner, no matter your experience in the industry. If you are just now starting your landscaping business and lack the capital generated from summer projects, surviving your first winter can be extremely tough. Here is what you can do to keep your company profitable in the off-season. 

So, landscaping business 101: how to make money in the winter months?

Snow Removal

snow removal

Probably the most typical off-season service that landscapers do is snow removal. If you already have the trucks, you just need to add a detachable snowplow to the front, and you’re ready to clear parking lots and driveways from piles and piles of snow. It is a little investment with great returns for you. 

When snow starts falling, businesses and residents all start looking for someone who can get there quickly and plow the snow away. The sooner you start advertising this service, the better. You should take it up with your online advertising agency and ask them to add snow removal to your service list. 

Holiday Lights Installation

Holiday Lights Installation

No matter if people care about having too much snow on their driveway or keeping their landscape well-maintained during the winter, the majority of them love to keep the festive spirit of the winter holidays. So, if they don’t hire you for snow removal, they will surely need your help to put up their Christmas lights

Before thinking about all the money you can make on this, however, you need to make sure you have the proper insurance to cover your team as they will be climbing on ladders and roofs. This service will require your meticulous planning and design skills, but the profit you can make in return is more than worth it. 

What is more, the same people who need you to put up holiday lights on their properties will also need help taking them down. Don’t forget to leave them your business card so they can call you for the takedown as well. It is yet another opportunity to keep busy in the off-season.   

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Man working in garden center

As long as there is no ice on the ground, fall and winter are the ideal time to plant trees and bushes. Aside from planting, the off-season is a good time to do other tree-related activities, such as trimming, raking the soil, and planting winter annuals (plants that bloom during the cold months).

It’s a good idea to educate your clients how important it is to think about their landscapes before the snow melts, so when it does, they have a good-looking starting point for the spring and summertime.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal

Do you know anyone outside of the landscaping business that enjoys raking leaves? Exactly. This is a great opportunity to keep busy in the fall and colder months because leaves won’t stop falling, and there should be someone to pick them up. Of course, not many people go through the trouble of booking a leaf removal only service (unless they have a big garden with many trees), but you can always make it an add-on service to other types of winter maintenance you are offering.

Other Activities

In addition to these, you can also handle a wide range of other jobs that don’t require special equipment or new training. Some of these include:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Sprinkler draining
  • Lawn aeration and dethatching
  • Wrapping protective burlap around young trees
  • Moving patio furniture


It is true that summer is usually the time for new designs and landscape makeovers, but once complete, the entire landscape needs maintenance and care. This is where your effort to create lasting relationships with clients comes in. 

Don’t be shy to call and revisit one-time clients to check if they need your year-round maintenance services. Don’t just wait around for them to find you. If you don’t have a well-made and managed website and online presence, they won’t even know how to reach you!


Advertise your business online the right way.



Instead, be proactive and educate them about the importance of continuous yard maintenance and let them make the right choice. Also, don’t forget to promote your seasonal services (Christmas lights installation, snow plowing, etc.). As long as people know you are available, they are your prospect leads.  

Managing a small business can be tough, but we hope our suggestions helped. Let us know if they worked out for you! 

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