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If your tree company gets flooded with new leads every day, this blog isn’t for you.


If your tree business could use a little boost, keep reading.

The tree service marketing ideas in this article will help you:

  • Attract new clients (leads).
  • Build a loyal customer base.
  • Convert prospective clients easily.
  • Meet the expectations of your customers.
  • Estimate what worked and what didn’t.

It All Starts With Your Company Website and Blog

People don’t buy products and book services like they used to. They have become immune to traditional marketing by automatically closing pop-ups and ignoring spammy “call us” messages. You can’t do what worked yesterday. You need to focus on what works today

  • Clear your website of flashy pop-ups and mainstream call-to-actions.
  • Make it easy to navigate with enough information about your service and pricing.
  • Create a blog where you will share useful tips and important information about your work and the industry. The goal is to educate your clients.

Remember, tree service customers very often aren’t even aware their trees have problems or that they need trimming. Many don’t even know the difference between an Ash and an Oak. So, the best business advice we can give you is to educate your audience and make them understand the importance of your service. That way, your sales pitch will have meaning to them, and in time, it will be them who will be looking for you instead of the other way around. 

Speaking of your website, there is one more important thing — it has to be optimized, so people can find you on Google and not your competitors. You can learn more about website optimization (SEO) here, or you can outsource that service to an Internet advertising agency. 


Website Optimization Made Easy

Get more leads


Off-Site Improvements to Your Online Presence

It may start with your website and blog, but it surely doesn’t end there. The next step is to “spread the word” for your business. This includes:

  • Directory listings — listing your tree service business in trusted online directories is a great way to validate your business. Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, the list goes on. 
  • Online reviews — your future clients will want to know the opinion of your past clients. So, encourage them to leave their feedback!
  • Inbound links — it is great if other trustworthy websites redirect visitors to yours through links. Your city’s chamber of commerce, articles in local newspapers/media, profiles in organizations like the Tree Care Industry Association, and many others.
  • Citations — those are still websites that contain your company details but don’t link to your website.

Use Your Trucks as Marketing Tools

If you are a tree service provider, you must have at least one truck. So, why not use it to your advantage by wrapping it in informative vinyl graphics? Promote your services and get rid of things that make your truck look like you’re about to go out of business tomorrow. Keep it shiny and new, and make sure your ad is readable from all sides. Ideally, you should be able to read your truck’s vinyl from 50ft away. 

Don’t go overboard with promotional text, include your:

  • Logo and company name
  • Phone number
  • Main services
  • Website 
  • Slogan/Motto (if you don’t have one, you need to hire someone to write it for you)
  • Relevant but subtle background images
  • Accreditation logos and/or information (to boost your credibility)

Before you know it, people will be coming to you saying, “we see your trucks all around town.”

Make Reward Programs for Referrals 

Many tree care business owners don’t realize that both their past and current clients are part of their marketing efforts. It could be tempting to just offer discounts to those who bring in referrals, but nothing shows you appreciate your client’s recommendations like giving them some cash and a hand-written thank you note. It can really make a big difference and show you’re willing to go out of your normal workday to show how grateful you are.

Get Leads from Team Members

Unless your business is a one-man show, you will have a team helping you get the job done. When you are on the providing side of a service, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and forget that you may already personally know your future clients. What if your neighbor finds it difficult to trim their trees? Perhaps your employee’s cousin is just now looking for a tree service? 

The best business advice is to exploit every opportunity you get. Don’t be shy to approach the people you know and educate them about your service. Even if they don’t need an arborist at the moment, they might know someone who does. 

Go Old School with Signs

People are visual creatures, and many of the local companies they discover are those who have a significant visual local presence. Aside from being active online, you need to be active in the physical world as well. Why not put signs by the road of properties where you are working? Is your team taking down a tree or perhaps they are pruning it? Great! Leave a sign and let people know who has worked on this project. 

You can also post smaller signs at the driveway entrance of the property you’ve worked on. It is likely these signs will stay on the client’s lawn for days, and the entire neighborhood will have time to spot them on their walks. 

There are many other tree service marketing ideas you can take advantage of, but most of them require more experience and possibly working with an Internet advertising agency. Advertising through social media can be very beneficial but it takes know-how and time, so if you don’t have the knowledge and do not wish to make the commitment, it’s best to let the professionals handle it. 

Let us know if you followed any of these tips. We’d love to hear from you!

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