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85% SBA Funding and Fast Turn Around Time

Things to Know About SBA Express Loans

What Is an SBA Express Loan?

You can use an express loan to provide your business with much quicker financing than a typical SBA 7(a) loan, typically approved and funded within 90 days.

You can use the loan for:

  • Providing financing for accounts payable, inventory, and other operational expenses
  • Providing short-term seasonal financing, contract performance, construction financing,  and export financing
  • Purchasing real estate
  • Purchasing equipment, furniture, machinery, supplies, and materials
  • Paying for construction and/or renovation costs
  • Creating or acquiring a new business, or expanding an existing business
  • Refinancing existing business debt 

Express Loan Structure

504 Loans are typically structured with a participating lender advancing all of the funds, but the SBA guarantees 50% of the loan.  You typically will be asked to contribute collateral or a portion of the loan from 5-15%. The loan has a maximum value of $350,000 and can be structured out to seven years.

Express Loan Benefits 

  • Fast;
  • Competitive rates;
  • More suitable for small business just starting out;

Express Loan Eligibility

If you are a for-profit business you can apply.

Click here to learn more about SBA Express Loans

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