At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House issued a list of essential workers whose work shouldn’t be disrupted in any way, outbreak or not. Medical workers, trucking companies, and critical infrastructure employees are all in this group. Towing and roadside service providers are also considered of critical importance, which means they shouldn’t stop operations. However, they should adapt to the challenges of working amidst a global pandemic. 

If you’re wondering how to go about preventing the spread of the virus among your team and customers, we have the necessary resources right here. 

It’s Important to Remain Vigilant

As towing and roadside assistance services remain essential to everyone, no matter if there may be fewer cars on the road, it is super important that you, as a towing business owner, remain vigilant about the way you provide your service. With the increased demand for trucking businesses to provide more specialized goods, it is your duty to keep other essential workers, aside from your existing customers, safe. 

COVID-19 Prevention Methods for Towing Companies

Health & Safety Measures for Your Employees

While vaccines and cures are still being developed, the best thing any of us could do is strive to flatten the curve by following strict policies of protection against the virus. Aside from the must-do’s like frequent handwashing, covering the mouth when coughing and sneezing, and avoiding touching your face, there are more best practices that both you and your employees should adopt to ensure maximum safety for everyone.

For example:

  • If someone isn’t feeling well, they should stay home and not come to work
  • If a team member gets flue-like symptoms, they should immediately seek medical consultation and help
  • Before an employee comes back to work after having battled the virus, you need to make sure they are virus-free (either through a document by a medical professional or other official proof)
  • Encourage your team to refrain from undertaking international and domestic travel without a solid reason
  • Practicing social distancing while at the office/facility is just as crucial as keeping 6 feet away from customers while on a service call
  • Equip your team with PPE (personal protective equipment) consisting of certified masks, disposable gloves, and coveralls. You should supply CDC-approved disinfectants and sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol for efficient bacteria removal
  • Stagger shift times to ensure people’s working hours and breaks don’t match, so it’s easier to practice social distancing
  • Assign specific tasks to specific people to avoid team members using the same tools and equipment, as well as vehicles
  • Disinfect your tow trucks and other equipment before and after each job and shift
  • Do regular health checks of your team as they arrive at work
  • Check if there is anyone from your team who has traveled internationally or domestically within the last 14 days and ask those people to quarantine themselves for two weeks before returning to work
  • Send home everyone who starts showing flu-like symptoms while on the job. This is important to protect everyone

Health & Safety of Your Customers

The backbone of your business, aside from your team, are your customers. There’s no business without them, so you need to show that to them. Show your customers that you’re taking all measures to keep them and their families safe through discipline and proper social distancing. 

Just as it is important to ask your employees to disclose information about whether they have been out of the country in the last 2 weeks, it’s imperative that you ask your customers as well. Prior to each service, ask the client if they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, such as shortness of breath, coughing, and inexplicable fatigue. Everyone’s honesty is crucial for ensuring the safety of both sides. 

Update Your Business Info

When it comes to COVID-19 and taking preventive measures against the virus, it’s super important to notify your customers and prospective leads that you are actively taking all precautions to keep everyone safe. 

You need to update your:

  • Website: create a separate page where you describe your response to COVID-19 and the measures you’re taking while on the job
  • Google My Business profile: people need to know you’re still in business
  • Social Media profiles: same as with GMB, keep people on the loop about your working hours during the pandemic

Make sure to check back with this article as we will be updating it with new information as time passes. For additional resources about COVID-19, refer to the official CDC and World Health Organization websites.