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5 Smart Ways to Generate a TON of Moving Leads

For local moving companies, advertising can be a major challenge due to the intense competition within the industry. However, it is not all lost as there are clever ways to get in front of your competitors, and this blog will fill you in on them. 

At 411 Locals, we have been doing marketing for moving companies since 2007, and throughout the years, we learned what works best for them and what are the opportunities they aren’t taking advantage of. 

If you want your company to go beyond being a struggling local moving company, you have to expand beyond the fundamental moving lead sources. You need to focus on unconventional lead generation strategies as they too can bring a handful of leads.

Generate More LEADS for Your Moving Business With These Marketing Tips

Moving Leads infographic

1. Local SEO for Moving Leads

Most of us, when in need of a moving company, instinctively turn to Google to look for one in the region. Google is the gold mine for moving leads.

Local SEO is the advertising method that works best for moving companies. The goal of Local SEO is to rank your business in the “Local 3-pack” where the most optimized businesses are displayed. 

Google mover search results

In the example above, you can see that businesses submitted on the Google My Business platform are displayed before the website results. This is why we refer to the local 3-pack as a gold mine since most of the leads will be acquired by those 3 businesses.

Your business must be one of them!

To achieve that, you will need to find an SEO partner. Having an SEO partnership is the key to dominating the local search results! You can learn more about Local and Organic SEO from our blog HERE.


Get Affordable Local SEO Advertising for Your Moving Company

Get More Leads


2. Referrals = Faster Growth

Now that you have customers rolling in from Local SEO, it is time to:

  • Make a good impression 
  • Provide the quality of service they expect 
  • Convert your customers into loyalists

Give your customers a reason to book your service, then show them that you’re a professional and you do your job with passion. That will undoubtedly convert them into loyalists in the snap of your fingers.

After you have converted them, give them your business card. By doing this, you leave a piece of your business with them. The benefit is boosting brand awareness, and your chances to be referred to a prospective client.

Remember, you must first encourage people to refer others to your business, so give them a reason to do so.

A rewarding system is a great way to motivate that kind of behavior. Discount coupons are always a great start to encourage people to refer you to their friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a great bargain?

3. Branding Is a Must for Moving Companies

Trucks as branding

The first thing you should focus on when starting a moving business is establishing your brand. 

Having an easily distinguishable brand image, slogan, and logo is crucial, especially in an industry where you are driving around town all day. Be recognizable, make sure people see your message, and in the future, they will be more likely to remember you when they need your services. 

Don’t be surprised when direct leads start coming to you. It’s all because of your effort to brand your trucks, buy branded eye-catching crew uniforms, give away your business card, etc.

4. Do Business With Home Realtors

You can target professionals involved in renting or selling homes for referral leads for your moving company. 

Homes are being rented out every day, right? 


And people need their possessions moved from point A to point B. And the solution to that is?


Networking with realtors can be done through Facebook, LinkedIn, or real estate events. Find people who already have contacts in the real estate industry to help you get more leads. Connections are key to success!

Offer realtors a small referral fee, that will give them the initial push to partner with you!

5. Do Business With Storage Facilities

Many people move in and out of storage facilities, but some need a moving service to help them with it. That being said, you can easily contact storage facilities in your area or, better yet, walk into one and directly speak with the person who manages it. Introduce yourself and your company, then ask politely if they can refer people to you for a small referral fee.

Storage facilities are a great source of getting affordable leads. Also, don’t forget to thank for the referrals. You can always do it by sending an email or a handwritten note, calling them, or showing up with some snacks and coffee. Always try to maintain the relationships with those who refer others to your business by demonstrating your respect and gratitude for their contribution.

Summing Up

Success for moving businesses comes from having a consistent flow of leads each month. The methods we described in this blog proved efficient for our customers and, if you follow them correctly, they will work for you, too.

Take advantage of these unconventional ways of getting leads to give your business the initial boost it needs. With these proven methods you will have your work calendar filled for weeks to come!

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