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Where to Start Marketing Your Plumbing Business

Are you having a hard time generating plumbing leads for your business? Clients are not calling frequently, and it’s getting harder to keep your business afloat?

Running a plumbing business is without a doubt challenging, especially in the beginning when you’re building your customer base. Generally, there are 2 target groups for this industry:

  • Customers who need an emergency service ASAP
  • Customers who need a complete plumbing system installation 

Now… how do you reach these audiences?

Our answer to that is — Digital Marketing!

In 2020, it is a must to utilize this way of advertising your business. In the long run, you can expect digital marketing to help you get:

  • Higher ROI
  • Full working schedule
  • Low-cost Leads

Need more plumbing leads? Looking to build or expand your customer base? Make your plumbing business a lead magnet with these 7 tactics!

1. Google Local Search Listing

When you want to quickly find a service provider, who do you usually ask?

Let us make a wild guess — Google?

It’s become the number one thing for everyone nowadays to turn to Google for instant solutions to our problems.

Don’t let the solutions to those problems be your competitors.

Take action now and register your business on Google. You need a Google My Business listing now, not tomorrow, not in a week, not in a month, you need it now. 

Every second that you are NOT on Google, is a second your competition is taking advantage of your absence by acquiring leads that could have been yours. 

2. Create a website

Great, you’ve set up your listing, but you don’t have a website attached to it.

Attaching one will gradually boost the ranking of your business listing.

There are some things to keep in mind before finding someone to build your website. It should include the following elements:

  • Industry-specific design: Impacts how your audience perceives your brand.
  • List of services: Shows the potential client how you can help them.
  • Offers/discounts: Let’s be real, we all love those tempting discounts and offers.
  • Social Media buttons: Start building a community on your social platforms, so you can constantly update people on your latest news and offers.
  • Easily identifiable phone number: Nobody wants to waste an entire day trying to find your phone number.
  • Areas served: It would be a bummer if you said no to a customer because you don’t serve their area. If you go the extra miles to a neighboring location, include that in your website.

You have to make a good first impression to your potential customers, and a high-quality website will help you make that happen. 

Pro tip: Positive testimonials on your website can immensely boost your credibility as a company.

3. Create Engaging Video Content

Nowadays we soak up information from videos faster than from plain text. It saves us time, and it gives us a good visual representation of the product or service.

People’s attention span is much longer for videos than it is for reading large chunks of text.

Now it makes sense why 64% of customers make their purchase after watching a video, doesn’t it? It’s faster, simpler, and easier.

No one says you should only make videos about your product, service, or business. You can make videos that include:

  • Step-by-step guides on how to fix small plumbing issues
  • How to prevent future plumbing problems
  • Temporary solutions until a plumber comes to fix the issue

Pro Tip: If your videos are entertaining, they might increase the chances of a client to convert.

4.Gather and manage online reviews

Reviews are a crucial factor when it comes to a client deciding between two companies. 

Almost every time we turn to the company with the highest rated listing. Nobody would go for a listing that has a rating of 2.6/5 when there is another one with a 4.7/5 score. 

Don’t just finish your job and leave, do what others won’t do, so that you are one step ahead of them. Ask the client to leave a review on your listing if they are satisfied with your service. 

With this you will build:

  • Credibility
  • Trust
  • Confidence

This will help you get more customers in the future as well.

5. Hyper-Targeting Your Audience Using Facebook Ads

Business owners nowadays take advantage of the in-depth facebook targeting system. With it, they are able to directly target their clientele with discounts, offers, and other features they care about.

But how do you create a great Facebook ad in the first place?

Here is a checklist that you must follow to achieve that:

  • Targeting: Make sure you don’t target an audience that isn’t interested in your offers. That would be a waste of resources. Make sure you are targeting the right people!
  • Visuals: We all mindlessly scroll through Facebook. Make sure your ad’s visual is straight to the point and eye-catching. That split second when they spot your visual is critical, make sure you nail it.
  • Strong Headline: Addressing the pain points of your audience is key. Adding urgency, such as a limited time offer, will make your message even stronger.
  • Great CTA: What’s in it for your customer, why should they buy from you, why should they choose you? Give them a good reason through the call to action.

Follow this list and your ads should be good to go!

6. Use call-only ads

There is no reason to create ads where the customer must submit his data in a web form. 

If they have a serious leakage in their home, they need help, and they need it now. When you start with paid advertising, go with call-only ad campaigns.

7. Sell to Your Customer’s Friends with Referral Programs

This is not a digital marketing tactic, but we figured we should share this with you as it will help you generate even more plumbing leads for your business.

Satisfying a customer is a win for both of you. Having their problem solved raises your chances of them referring you to a friend. 

If a friend recommended you, you must be good, right? That is the presumption, and it’s a powerful one!

Word of mouth marketing still has a strong impact on lead generation. But you can’t just tell somebody to refer you to their friends. Offer a small referral fee, give them a reason to recommend you.

The offer can be anything that the client benefits from. Our advice is to stick to just one method. You wouldn’t want to be involved in an awkward situation where people learn you offer different deals to different clients, as it would mean someone got the short end of the stick.


Affordable SEO Services For Your Plumbing Business

Get More Leads



You should focus mainly on Digital Marketing for your business.

Everything you need:

  • Google My Business Listing
  • Optimized, Industry-Specific Website
  • Engaging Video
  • Online Reviews Management
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Bonus: Referral Programs

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