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Online Review Management System Terms

Online Review, Response & Reputation Services Terms and Conditions

411 Locals offers an Online Review Management System service (“Review System”) that allows the Customer to more efficiently respond to online reviews of their business via an interactive “Smartphone App” and a Response Scribe service (“Scribe”) that enlists one of 411 Locals’ trained responders to ensure that all of your online reviews are responded to in a timely manner.

411 Locals also offers the Review System and Scribe services together as a complete Online Reputation Bundle (the “Reputation Bundle”). The Reputation Bundle is designed to help the Customer’s business and reputation by generating more reviews of the Customer’s business from satisfied clients, assisting the Customer in improving their online reputation, and increasing consumer confidence by demonstrating the Customer’s responsiveness. The Reputation Bundle allows the Customer to efficiently monitor client feedback on major review sites and swiftly respond to online reviews.

The Reputation Bundle includes the following features:

  1. Fully customizable text and email generator, which allows the Customer to quickly and easily respond to reviews posted by clients online;
  2. A review generator landing page that will help drive reviews and client feedback.
  3. Customized templates for printed materials, such as review cards, window clings, and table tents.
  4. Access to technology specifically designed to make responding to customer reviews simpler and more efficient.
  5. Allows for the Customer’s responses to be submitted via email as well as text.
  6. Templated responses, to provide the option of responding to reviews in a standardized fashion.

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