Animated Video Package Terms and Conditions


411 Locals will create a promotional Animated Video which will be added to the Customer’s website to introduce their business to potential third-party Clients. Sample animated videos can be found at 

The animated video will contain audio as well and will focus on your business and services. The video may be uploaded to video streaming services and will be made shareable. As our customer, you will receive a sample video for review, and you will have up to three proposed edits to be made by 411 Locals at no additional cost.


A non-refundable set-up fee will be charged to the Customer, with additional recurring monthly license fees per month for each month thereafter based on agreement

Ownership and License

The Customer understands that the Animated Video and all elements including animation, text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other intellectual property will be owned by 411 Locals. The Customer will be given a license for full, unlimited use of video in exchange for payment of a monthly service fee. If the Customer decides to cancel the service, ownership of animated video will remain the property of 411 Locals and all licensing rights will be immediately revoked.

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