Copywriting Terms and Conditions

You hereby agree to contract 411 Locals for one of our copywriting services, which are billed as follows based on your agreement:

  • 300 words
  • 500 words
  • 1000 words
  • More than 1000 words
  • Unique ready content

You agree to provide 411 Locals with the information needed by copywriters and cooperate in good faith with us to finalize the content. 411 Locals will provide you with a draft of the contracted services within 48 hours of agreement, to be revised by you via e-mail and then finalized for website and search engine placement. You will then automatically be billed for services rendered.

Ownership and License

All content written by 411 Locals will remain the intellectual property of 411 Locals until your account is paid in full. 411 Locals takes no responsibility for any content that is written based on information provided by you or changed after the final payment has been received. 411 Locals instructs all clients to check the provided content carefully and takes no responsibility if a client fails to do so in the checking and draft processes. All copies of the writing project are sent via email, and you will be permitted to make up to three revisions of the material and send them to the copywriter via e-mail after receiving the initial copy.

No refunds are given for contracted services after fees are processed.

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