Last Updated: July, 2022

“Only 9% of Google searchers make it to the bottom of the first page of the search results.”

According to a recent study by Backlinko on how users interact with Google, research found that only 9% of people doing an online search scroll down to the bottom of the first page. The remaining 91% of their attention falls on the results at the top. 

In other words, if you don’t appear at the top, you better not go through the trouble of appearing at all.

There’s a reason why digital marketers say the best place to hide a body is the second page of Google. Nobody goes there, and research proves it. If your website is on page 3, or 4, or more, it will be equally undiscoverable. Your best chance to generate traffic and interest in your website is to get to the top search engine results pages (SERPs) and do your best to stay there. 

Still not convinced getting on the first page of Google is worth it? Let’s go through the main benefits then!

#1 Top Ranking Gets You Most of the Traffic

Top Ranking Gets You Most of the Traffic

This is a rather obvious one, especially after the stats we just mentioned. Only 0.44% of searchers go to the second page of SERPs. The majority of users will only click on one website page of their search, and the results at the top get 42% of all the traffic. The web pages in second and third place get 11% and 8%, respectively. In other words, if you’re not among the top three results on the first page, you likely won’t be found by most people who are looking for your product or service.

If you make your website visible at the top of SERPs, this would be a signal to users that your business is trustworthy and credible, which are key elements for getting more leads and traffic.

#2 Increases Business Authority and Authenticity

Increases Business Authority and Authenticity

Aside from getting traffic and leads, being in the top results also increases your authority and authenticity as a business in the eyes of users. There is enough research that shows web visitors consider the first few websites at the top of search results to be more authentic and authoritative in their industry. This is especially important when it comes to local searches (when people look for businesses within their geographical area).

In a way, it’s a psychological game that can give your business an advantage over the competition. Being at the top doesn’t come easy, however, so be prepared to become a digital marketing guru or partner with an Internet advertising agency like 411 Locals that can do all the work for you. 

#3 Builds a Better Brand Image

Builds a Better Brand Image

The top result on Google is all about visibility. Search for any niche or destination, and the search engine will provide detailed information on the most reputable brand in that niche or the most visited place in that destination. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) essentially boils down to brand recognition and awareness.

From Google’s point of view, a higher ranking positions the brand (or business) above its competitors in that market. It elevates it socially and economically. It boosts its reputation.

Socially, because people will be talking and learning more about the brands that appear at the top results, and economically, because getting 91% of the total traffic will surely result in higher conversion rates

#4 Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

The most important thing you need to know about inbound marketing is that it is a method of generating leads directly from search engines and social media. You can learn more about inbound marketing here

Lower Cost per Lead

With top rankings, you won’t have to pay for ads and leads. They will organically come to you because you will be the first result they see when searching for your service/product. This automatically decreases your cost per lead. That’s why the higher your website ranks in SERPs, the bigger the chance for you to get more leads for your business.

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

What is more, the leads you get from lead generation service providers, and the leads you can get through top ranking and SEO have vastly different profiles. The second group is better quality leads because they are actively searching for your product and service and have taken the initiative to find you. The leads you can purchase offer no guarantees of conversion and won’t be as interested in your offer as those who have actively found your business.



Final Thoughts

Getting your business on the first page of a Google search has many long-term benefits. With a smart SEO strategy in place, you can make your business more visible on the market, more trustworthy, and more reputable to potential customers. 

Costs will be kept under control since paid ads will never substitute organic results. Greater traffic to your website also means that visitors will stay longer on your web pages, making it more likely for them to convert into clients.

Aside from tangible benefits, there are also the intangible qualities of authenticity and reputation that can truly help to convert leads and improve the way people see your company/brand. And although getting in the top results is a difficult task, to say the least, it’s not impossible.    

If you’re curious to know how to get on the first page of Google, here is all you need to know about SEO partnerships and how to get one.


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