Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to organize your customer records and streamline your workflow is a must if you want to improve and grow your small business. 

Finding the right SaaS (software as a service) for the job can save you time and money, both of which are limited.

Why Use CRM SaaS for Your Business

As the customer base of your business grows, so do the records you need to keep and maintain. The necessity of a system to organize these records becomes imperative. With CRM software, you will not only have a clear overview of your customer data, but you will also be able to manage sales better and faster. 

You will be able to track your sales reports, including the deals you’ve booked and the calls you’ve made. If your client base is diverse, CRM SaaS will enable you to segment your customers and tailor your strategies for each segment based on actual data for that particular group.

Plus, most CRM’s have built in white hat (high deliverability) email features which allow you to send targeted emails to your customers.

Who Is CRM for

If the recent outbreak has affected your operations, and your team works from home, keeping a unified system to track what everyone is doing is vitally important. 

CRM can do exactly that. 

CRM SaaS works great for businesses looking to improve their customer service, sales, inventory tracking, and workflow. Businesses involved in marketing, sales, customer support, and account-based jobs, all stand to benefit from such software. From stores to trucking and moving, automating record keeping and client management can only benefit your business. 

The CRM software you choose should meet your business goals and resources. It’s best if it is:

  • Easy to learn
  • Customizable
  • Offers customer support
  • Cost meets your needs.

All the information we provide is unbiased, we do not get a commission or referral fee for any of the recommendations we make.

CRM Software Solutions Designed for Small Businesses That We Recommend

A solid, dependable, full feature sets, mid price range, can grow with your business option is…Hubspot®️

Hubspot has a free version (Freemium) version that many small businesses use. 

The software allows you to track the basic activities of your business, such as customer contacts, company profiles, assigning and tracking deals/orders. 

All your data is organized in a detailed dashboard visible to your entire team. 

It creates unique accounts for each customer and allows you to track prospects, assign tasks within your teams to various team members, track and follow leads and myriad other features to manage the whole customer relationship.

There are additional features available for sales, marketing, etc. and that is where they make their money.

But it’s a great starter package for free

A great small business starting platform that is easy to use and has product suites and integrates to everything (including accounting, project management and more at an affordable price, is Zoho®️

Zoho offers a variety of editions from a Freemium to Standard, Professional, and Enterprise paid editions. 

You can get sales signals through pop-up notifications for new leads, do website visitor tracking, lead scoring, and more. 

What we love about Zoho is that they have multiple applets (internal or external products) that allow you to customize your deployment and get best-of-class options on your choices.

Be sure to review the available options so you choose the one that suits your business goals best.

The absolute industry leader with literally thousands of targeted vertical and functional bolt on apps, and known for being the most expensive, is Salesforce®️

There is no larger, better or more effective CRM platform than Salesforce.  

For your small business, Salesforce has a basic edition called Lightning Essentials®️ that includes email integration, follow-up reminders, and a variety of data customization options. 

So, for just $25 per month, you can launch on Salesforce and start the process of using it.

It is extremely powerful, but it can also be hard to integrate with.

Salesforce also has a cluster of apps that work seamlessly within the Salesforce system and can get you up and running with additional specialized features.

The lowest cost with limited functions and easiest to integrate is Streak®️

Although it is technically a browser plugin, Streak is an amazing piece of CRM software, perfect for Gmail users. 

Your team can easily schedule emails, send out mass notifications, create separate threads, track views, assign tasks, and organize the work of various departments (e.g., HR, sales, etc.).

This is a lightweight solution, but can be a quick starter product before you dive in organizationally to a full CRM package.


This is the perfect CRM software if you are looking to grow sales. 

Freshsales allows you to track your website visitors, record them as sales leads, and group them based on their activity on your website. 

By doing so, you can assign the different groups to the specialized salespeople on your team and close deals more efficiently. 

They have a Package for Growing Teams.

The right CRM SaaS solution will help you navigate through various business challenges, survive in your competitive industry, and thrive in time.

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