Deciding to change your traditional business into a virtual business is a big step; however, it is one that can lead to business growth if done correctly. 

More businesses are making the transition from in-person business to virtual business because of the coronavirus outbreak which is causing country-wide lockdowns. 

Not all businesses have experience working virtually, which is why they must change their existing traditional business models to survive and thrive during this time. 

Many business processes and operations will remain the same, but there are some things you will need to consider to ensure a smooth transition.

Business Operating Procedures

Documenting all the business operations is the first step to transitioning from traditional to virtual business. 

You can base your virtual business procedures on your existing methods and adapt wherever it is necessary to incorporate new operations. 

Planning your work process can make the switch to virtual business easier. 

As a landscaper, think of how you will continue to provide clients with estimates regarding their landscaping needs. Try incorporating virtual tools for video calls to understand what the client wants.

Enhancing customer service is essential for virtual businesses as it is often the only human contact that there is between the business and the consumer.  

Create a Website

To your consumers, your website will become the face of your business once you transition from traditional business to virtual business. 

Your website should be easy-to-navigate, appealing, and highly functional. The pages should load quickly and contain all the vital information about your business without crowding the pages. 

Tweak Your Advertising Operations

Just like with traditional businesses, advertising for your virtual business is essential

However, the difference between traditional business and virtual business advertising is the marketing options available.

Testing the different marketing options to find one that works for your business is ideal for reaching the maximum number of consumers.

For cleaning companies, advertising to clients during a coronavirus outbreak can be an opportunity you don’t want to miss. 

Letting potential clients know that you are still operating and can disinfect their properties to prevent spreading the coronavirus can be just what they want to hear. 

The ads you create should be based on your business, what you offer, and they should be appropriately optimized.

Ditch Your Brick And Mortar

This is a great time to rethink your business model.

Do you really need a storefront or a public facing building.

Can you business have a simple storage warehouse or unit and then you deliver and execute virtually.

Think of all the dough you spend on rent, utilities, etc. that you could use in marketing, etc. 

Make the Change

Once you have your new virtual business model in place, you can begin making the change. 

This can be done gradually, or in this case, with the coronavirus crisis, it can be done all at once so you can rely on your virtual business for your company’s survival. 

It can be a scary change, but it will likely be rewarding in the long run for most businesses. 

Testing and deciding what model works for your business is best, and sometimes, you just have to ditch the old operations to focus on the new ones so that your business can thrive.

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