If you are looking to transition from In-person services to virtual in this current COVID 19 environment, here are some strategies you will need to do so. 

Advantages of Transitioning to Virtual

Here are some benefits to moving your business to virtual service:

  • You have multiple ways to communicate with consumers
  • You can increase your leads
  • It’s easier for you to get media attention
  • You can scale and automate your business
  • You’re providing an option your competitors might not yet have

New Business Approaches and Strategies

When considering either adding virtual business to your existing strategy or making a full transition, you have to keep in mind the approaches necessary to grow your business online. 


When it comes to your sales, you have to ask yourself who will want to consume some or all of your products or services online.

Or, what portion of your service or offering you can move to a virtual model to increase sales.

Example A:  If you’re a landscaper, you’re going to come to their home or business and mow their lawns and take care of their plants.  

But you don’t necessarily have to meet with a new customer or prospect for them to do a video chat with you to show you the lawn, the plants, the overall job and for you to make a quote or a bid.

You can eliminate personal contact, which is a hot topic for consumers right now.

Example B: If you’re a therapist, you can move your client to a 100% virtual model, using video chat to have an initial consult, do a therapy session and accept payment.

Focus on what the constraint to providing your service virtually and then find technologies and methods that will let you overcome that constraint.


Click here for a review of the best virtual tools you can use in your business.

There are some great options for you to make the experience valuable and easy for your customers and prospects.  


You’ll need to consider your current product offering and what consumers are really interested in from a virtual platform.

Obviously, not all products or services can be delivered virtually.  

This is a time of great fear but it’s also a time of opportunity.  People that don’t want to come into a hair salon, maybe perfectly comfortable with you coming to their home, wearing a mask and performing your service.  Ideal, no. Workable, yes.

If you can commit to being flexible and customer-oriented in people’s requests, you’ll navigate this and find a sweet spot to sell and deliver your service.

Start your e-business strategy by choosing a limited product line and expand as you go along.


In a brick-and-mortar setting, a smile or a handshake can go a long way when establishing relationships with consumers. For online consumers, you have to provide them with something different. 

Figure out if you will have a customer service number that they can call when they need help with sales, returns, complaints, and more. 

Strengthening your shipping department is also essential when making the transition to e-business because you will be shipping more items than before. 


Now that your business is virtualonline, so are the payments your consumers will be making. 

Most online consumers are safety-conscious as they want to know the payments they are making are safe and secure. 

Establishing a secure and straightforward way for consumers to pay online is required. Many businesses use Paypal, but you can also use a processing company to process major credit cards. 


Establishing your e-business strategy before creating your website can make the entire process go smoother. You won’t have to deal with the back and forth by making as many changes. 

Your strategy is the core of your business; make sure it makes sense and that it is a solid one. 

Your New e-Business Strategy

With your e-business up and running, you can start expanding by offering new products, discounts, and special offers. 

You can increase your reach and start exploring various online marketing tactics to use, like e-mail marketing, social media integration, and more. 

When making the switch to e-business from brick-and-mortar during a crisis, you may only plan to keep your website going temporarily. However, you may discover that it can be beneficial to keep both or permanently make the switch to online only. 

Your business can survive and thrive during this crisis and other bumps in the road when you transition to e-business. 

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