The ongoing crisis forced many companies to change the way they do business

Today almost all of them rely on methods other than face-to-face communication to land new projects. 

We will give you tips on how you can make bids, review jobs, and attract new customers without meeting them face to face. 

Pictures Speak More Than a Thousand Words

Landscaping and Tree Service

If you are a landscaper or tree surgeon, you can use your website and various social media platforms to promote your work. 

Upload before and after pictures so potential customers can see for themselves what you are capable of. 

Update your website and social media accounts with information about the precautions that you are taking to protect your customers from COVID-19. 

Do NOT forget to emphasize on the fact that you won’t be accessing the interior of their properties during the execution of their projects. 

Leave your contact details on all your accounts so people can easily reach you. 

Also, you can use live-chat or post a contact form where customers can input details about their projects and make inquiries about your services. 

Ask photos of customers’ yards to correctly evaluate their condition and the labor that awaits you. This will enable you to provide more accurate quotes. 


Roofers can also use social media and websites to display their work and attract new customers. Make sure your clients can contact you by leaving your phone number, email, and other details. 

Inform your customers that your workers will be wearing masks, gloves, and other protective gear to keep you and your property safe. 

Tell them about your newly implemented disinfection policies. 

Use different chatting tools such as Skype, Whatsapp, Slack, Viber, and more to stay in touch with your existing customers and answer the questions of new clients. 

Make bids based on the information and pictures they have sent you. Keep your prices fair for both parties to land new jobs. 


Apart from posting your work on Facebook, Instagram, and your website, use an app to visualize color changes so your customers can get a better idea of how their house or office will look after the paintwork.  

Investing in quality visualization tools will enable you to display a commitment to accommodating the ideas of your customers even in times of crisis. 

Highlight the fact that your workers will be wearing protective gear and using disinfectants to secure the worksite. Advise them to vacate the property to limit contacts with your employees.  

Reassurance, commitment to superior execution, and reasonable prices are an effective way to get new projects. That will ensure the survival of your business during this state of emergency. 

Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Service

Just like in any business, visuals will help your customers evaluate the quality of your services. 

Post additional information about the importance of disinfecting and cleaning during the pandemic to entice people to call you. 

Partner up with an agency to help you bring in new clientele. This will give your customers a face-to-face meeting without the worry of getting in contact with professionals who spend their time cleaning infected surfaces. 

Use your website and social media to inform customers of the new measures that you will be incorporating in your work. 

Educate customers about the disinfectants and other products you will be using. Tell them about the protective gear of your cleaners. 

Review projects by requesting photos. Also, ask your customers to fill in a detailed form about what they want. Have them describe the current condition of their homes or workplaces. 

Make customerrs Feel Comfortable About Spending Their Money

Remodeling and Construction

Invest in 3D visualization apps and high-definition photos to help your customers picture their properties after they have been remodeled or built. 

Renovation and construction projects are expensive. Most people won’t be inclined to spend their money on projects during a crisis unless they are absolutely sure that their vision will be executed. 

Since the demand for remodeling or construction isn’t as big as for other services in this article, using direct emailing can be an effective way of reaching out to prospective clients. 

Keep the emails short and on point and accompany them with visuals of your work. 

Provide your contact details such as phone, email, chats, Facebook page, website, etc, at the end of each email. 

This way customers can reach you and tell you about their projects. Do NOT forget to mention that you offer estimates. 


As a mover, you cannot rely on visuals to promote the quality of your work. 

Focus on relevant content that contains all the information that your customers would want to know. 

Divulge details about your schedule, used packing materials, lifting tools, and commercial vehicles. Highlight that all vans are disinfected after each job and that all movers are wearing gloves and masks. 

Form your quotes by getting in touch with your customers via phone or chats. Ask customers about the volumes of their belongings, the location of their properties, deadlines, parking availability, etc. 

Offer your current customers discounts for a referral they make. Word of mouth has always been an effective way to land new jobs. 

HVAC Contractor

Property owners would like to be isolated in environments with a comfortable temperature. That is why they will want to keep their HVAC fully functional. 

Use social media and your website to promote your services. 

Post information about your ability to install specialized filters that can prevent viruses from entering into a property while the HVAC is working. 

Share with your clientele the safety you are taking to protect them and their property during this crisis. 

Draft a troubleshooting list and place it on your website and social media accounts. This way your customers can mark the problems they are experiencing. 

That will help you determine the condition of their units and how much you must charge your customers. 

Use emails and chats to send customers estimates and discuss the parameters of their projects. 

If you work in one of these fields, use this information to earn new customers and help your company survive and perhaps thrive during this state of emergency. 

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