Is your business suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Yes? Then, it’s time to use this downtime and focus on your social media game.

Maybe you haven’t noticed significant or any losses at all? Perhaps not just yet. Either way, the way Facebook and Instagram work these days doesn’t guarantee that your ads will perform like expected.

So, whether your business is affected or not, we advise you to follow these strategies: 

#1. Extend Your High-Performing Ads

Facebook warned advertisers that there might be some delays and errors with new ads due to recent staffing changes. 

So, instead of running a new campaign, the best thing you can do is to extend the delivery period of your best performing ads. 

#2. It’s the Perfect Time to Build Brand Awareness

What do you think all the people sitting at home are doing during the pandemic? 

They are browsing online to pass the time. Aren’t you doing the same?

With more consumers at home, there won’t be a better time to work on building brand awareness with your online audience. 

You can engage your audience with:

  • Opportunities for online shopping
  • Gift cards
  • Online reviews
  • Phone orders
  • Delivery time information

#3. Use Social Media to Find New Leads

If your business is closed right now or going slow, you can use the extra time to shift your strategy to collecting new leads and emails promoting sales. 

For example, a Facebook lead ad campaign gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Encourage interest with content
  • Increase leads & signups for email campaigns
  • Target audience to remarket to a future date


The idea for product sellers is to engage the audience with a subscription allowing them to be the first to know whenever your products will be available once again. 

Pro Tip: You get bonus points for exciting discounts and upcoming promotions. 

#4. Focus on Remarketing Campaigns

Different studies show 50 to 80% of online shoppers abandon a website before completing their purchase. 

Now that more people are staying in the comfort of their homes, browsing has increased significantly. It’s a good time to re-engage previous website visitors and get them back to your website. 

Think about what could have made them bail out in the first place.

Also, check out your website insights, pay close attention to the users who have engaged with your content across Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media. 

See what kind of posts you had during these times and try to re-create your success. 

#5. Test new ad creative and audiences

When your business is doing well, it’s not worth the risk to test out new ad creatives. However, if your business is closed or slowed down, you should find the time to try out new strategies. 

Run a few tests, see what works on your target audience, what doesn’t, gather the information, and use it for your future campaigns. 

Here is what you can test:

  • Ad creatives
  • New content & design
  • Ad copy, headlines, CTAs
  • Audience targeting

Pro tip and disclaimer to #1: If you are testing a new audience, create a new ad set rather than updating an existing one. 

#6. Live Streams

We are talking here about going live on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s start with the facts:

Live videos receive up to 3 times higher engagement than pre-recorded videos. 

Why would you need a video in the first place? 

This is the best way to connect with your audience directly and genuinely. 

Your business might be hurting more than ever, but you are not the only one. 

Your customers or target audience, at least, are people deprived of your services and also hurt. 

These people are probably self-isolating and seeking for face-to-face opportunities. With a live video (depending on your industry), you can:

  • Answer question in real time
  • Offer online check-ins
  • Offer online webinars
  • Offer online demos

Pro Tip: Make sure you stream in high resolution and have a reliable Internet connection.

The Moral 

There will always be ups and downs. If your business is slow due to the pandemic, use the spare time to improve in the future.

Also, don’t take it for granted if you are not suffering from decreased sales. When things are changing globally, pay attention to everything and be prepared. We strive to be up-to-date with all the latest events and come up with modern solutions and tips. If you want more tips, subscribe to our newsletter!

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