All blogs about customer service on the Internet advise on engaging customers, and the right approach to that is providing personalized service.

Instead of giving you the usual talk about how important it is, we will provide you with an actual strategy and tips. 

Let’s start. 

Knowing Your Customers Outside Your Business

Showing that you care has a significant impact on how a customer feels. The easiest way to achieve that is by looking for relationship opportunities outside your business. 

Birthdays Are Important

Sending an email with a birthday wish is almost a zero-effort approach that does the trick. You can go the extra mile by providing a special discount for your B-Day clients. 

Another great idea for restaurants and food service businesses is to give free sweets and deserts.

However, giving away free goodies doesn’t work for every business type. 

This is when you need to get creative and think about what makes sense for your specific industry. 

If you can’t afford birthday giveaways, don’t worry about that. There are other ways to show you care! 

Social Media Follows

If a customer follows you on Twitter, for example, you can return the gesture and follow them back. It will make that person feel special and appreciated.

You will also have an excellent opportunity to learn more about the likes and interests of that person. 

Commenting on and supporting people’s posts builds a trustworthy relationship

Know Your Customers’ Names

For most small businesses with regular clients, this shouldn’t be something new or hard to do. However, if you have lots of new clients daily, knowing your customers’ names can be challenging. 

We live in 2020, and there are numerous QMS (queue management systems) that make addressing a customer by name a piece of cake. 

What is the best thing about using specialized software?

You eliminate the risk of mistaking your customer’s name. 

Meet Your Clients

If your location allows it, consider a face-to-face meeting. People are more likely to say “Yes” in person and “No” in an email. 

However, at the end of March 2020, meeting in person is not the best option considering the COVID-19 pandemic. This is understandable, and a phone or a video call will do the trick. 

Personalize Your Website

If you don’t have a website, get on Social Media. If you are not on social media, you should be

What does that mean exactly? 

Give the people a face or faces to look at. It could be you as a business owner, the whole team, or just the CEO and other important higher-ups.

This approach is more like a follow-up to meeting your clients. Seeing your face creates an emotional connection between you and the clients, as well as boosts trustworthiness. 

Pro Tip: Don’t use the picture only in your About section. Use it in your blogs and other pages as well. 

Pro Tip 2: Don’t use stock photos, let the people see your real face. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Nothing guarantees positive customer engagement like personally addressing your clients and showing them you know them well. 

Meet your customers when you can, use all opportunities to make them feel special, and connect with them as human beings and not just buyers. 

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