In times of uncertainty for many small businesses struggling because of the COVID-19 outbreak, every tactic can help you secure more leads. 

One of those tactics that many won’t think to apply is membership sales.

What Are Membership Sales

This is the process of acquiring and keeping member accounts. No, this doesn’t apply only to gyms, stores, and golf clubs. 

No matter if you work in landscaping and tree maintenance, plumbing, cleaning, moving, or trucking, having a membership program for your customers is a great way to form lasting relationships with them, offer future discounts and promotional prices. 

Customers will be incentivized to use your services on an on-going basis, as well as to refer you to their contacts.

Membership Sales Tactics to Generate Long-Term Customers

#1 Start With Your Email List

Yes, it’s that simple. No matter how well you’ve managed your email list, chances are you have some of your regulars in there. 

Email everybody, tell them you have a membership program with long-term benefits (e.g., discounted prices, priority booking, etc.). 

If your email list is short, mention you have a referral program to encourage people to tell their friends about your business. 

In case you have an established newsletter, make sure to include your membership details in each email, so it stays in the minds of people. 

# 2 Make a Referral Program

Nothing incentivizes people to act like a chance to win something. Be it a referral fee, a future discount, or another benefit, as long as it is a tempting offer, people will respond to it. 

#3 Offer Trials 

Your customers will be more likely to commit to using your service on a regular basis if they are confident in knowing they are getting value for their money. 

Let them see the benefits of your monthly membership benefits, like better pricing and more convenient service times, and they will be more willing to stay with your company for longer.

One Strategy Does Not Fit All

Different businesses will have to define their membership terms based on the industry. 

A membership sale for an e-commerce business won’t be the same as the sales pitch for a trucking or cleaning company. 

However, all of these businesses can benefit from a long-term flow of regular customers.

Your membership sales strategy should start today, not tomorrow. If you want to thrive after the outbreak, your efforts should start right now

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