With the coronavirus pandemic going on and many people practicing self-quarantining, Facebook is seeing more and more users. 

As a business owner, you should be taking advantage of this opportunity and marketing your brand through Facebook

Marketing your business through custom audiences on Facebook is the perfect way to target your ideal consumer or client. 

When you target the right audience, you will have an increased chance to minimize your ad spend and maximize your ROI. 

What Are Custom Audiences?

A custom audience on Facebook is a targeted advertising tactic that allows businesses to import their email addresses for retargeting through Facebook.

Creating custom audiences is a way for businesses to interact with relevant users through various social media channels effectively. 

The custom audiences are groups of highly-defined people who have already developed a relationship with your business in some way. 

This means they can be previous customers or clients, people who have visited your website, or people who have installed your business app.

Benefits of Custom Audiences

Facebook offers many advantages for businesses to advertise on their platform. Custom Audiences is for companies that are looking to narrow down their target. 


With many targeting options and filters, businesses can target the audience they believe is more likely to respond by increasing the relevance of their ads. 

Increased ad relevance can lead to a larger return on investment. 

The custom audience a business creates allows for advertisements to be targeted directly at consumers who have recently visited their website and entice them to purchase the product or service. At the same time, it is still fresh in their minds. 


Many consumers will fill up their online shopping carts while on your website and abandon them. 

Reaching out to some of these consumers is possible through custom audience advertising on Facebook.

Businesses, like yours, can experiment with different advertising messages, limited-time offers, and more to see which ones work and get the consumer to convert. 


Micro-targeting is possible for people who have visited individual pages on your website through custom audiences. 

For example, a landscaping business can track visitors who have viewed a page about mowing their grass and send them targeted messages on Facebook regarding that service. This increases their chances of conversion.

Businesses can adjust their custom audience campaigns to block certain users and consumers from specific offers or advertisements. 

This is necessary for those consumers who have already purchased an advertised product. 


Aside from acquiring new consumers, custom audiences on Facebook are also ideal for helping with repeat business. 

Businesses often have their email subscribers separated based on their purchase histories. 

When you have this information, you can alert previous consumers about new product upgrades or enhancements for the items that they have already purchased.

For instance, during this COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning businesses can take advantage of the situation and strive to get repeat business.

This is possible by reaching out to previous and current clients and suggesting your disinfecting and sanitizing services to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Final Thoughts

Facebook’s custom audience advertising is a useful tool for businesses to use to increase their sales. 

There are over 2 billion Facebook users, and targeting these users accurately is vital if you want to maximize your results and avoid wasting ad spend. 

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